Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trevor's Birthday

Clayton and I have found that we have a lot more fun at parties when they aren't at our house. I don't like to plan and Clayton hates the chaos and the mess. So this year for Trevor's birthday we went to Classic Fun Center. We just wanted to do the water slide but skating comes with the party so we got to do both. Here are the boys. Trevor got 60 seconds in this booth. He was shoving $$$ down his shirt. He did pretty good. It was fake money but he won a prize.

They have a kiddie pool with cute little slides. We hung out a lot here even though it wasn't quite ready yet. (The pool wasn't full and the slides didn't go into the water.)

Here are the some of the boys watching the other boys come down the slides.

Trevor's friend Gabe coming down. It looks like a pretty place in the pictures. I guess it was but it looks better in the pictures.

We had a fun time. Happy Birthday 9th Trevor!

Monday, March 30, 2009


I finally got the camera out of the car. I know you have been waiting for pictures from our trip so here you go...
The first thing we did was hope on the train, so this is the first ride of our trip. (other than the long car ride) Small World and lollipops. Koda liked this one, he was mad when we had to get off the boat
Koda loves Lightning McQueen

Taking a break

The Buzz Light Year Ride
Waiting for Roger Rabbit

Koda didn't make it. He slept for over 3 hours but I got to check out the place where all of the princesses hang out and watch all of the little girls get their faces painted.


The Jungle Cruise. Koda and I were partners, the big boys were on Indiana Jones.


Koda loved the Pixar Parade

And the characters loved him.

Me, Trevor and Koda with our bug eyes. Me and Koda saw all of the 3D movies but we saw this one 3 times.
Handy Manny.
Koda and Koda. We actually got his name from the movie Brother Bear, so I made sure to get a picture with the two Kodas.

It was a fun time. One of the kids favorite things was the pool at the hotel so maybe next time we wont go so far if all they want to do is swim at the hotel.

Monday, March 2, 2009

dance flash back

I just scanned some dance pictures from high school for our wards 80's dance. I can't promise a lot of flash backs but I thought I would try it.

My first dance. Jr Prom with Beau Carlson (there is a long, very sad story behind this hair cut)
Monster Mash with Blaze Cook (we didn't tell our dates they were going to be brides. There was no way they would go along with that. Oh and I accidentally stole those bowling shoes from the 49th street galleria, my philosophy was it's not wrong if it's funny)

WA with Meredith Blake, Colette Christensen and Tara Grazier (we thought we would have more fun with out dates)

My last high school dance with Craig Oborn Sr Prom (my school wasn't famous for formal dances)

I thought I would throw in one of Clayton's I don't know any details but I do like his feathered hair do.

Bodie is 7

Friday was Bodie's birthday. We went to Jungle Jims. We like it when the party is not at our house because then we don't have to clean up a mess!
My camera died so I didn't get very many pictures.
Clayton was the token keeper/hander outer

When I asked Bodie who he wanted to invite he named off a bunch of little girls. I told him we should invite the kids he plays with at recess and he told me that is who he plays with at recess. They play babies. One of the moms called and said her daughter really wanted to get Bodie a baby for his b-day but she told her no way. At least it would have been something he doesn't already have.

Uncle Kevin

Clayton is going to be promoted to Sergeant First Class really soon he just has a little more training to do. He just got back from Sacramento where he did 3 weeks worth of schooling (only about 5 more weeks to go) Any way, while he was gone McArthur Homes (my job) was having a grand opening and I was working full time. Lucky for us Kevin is looking for a job and was able to help out with the boys. He is a really good baby sitter, not only does he love my boys but he does fun things with them. I remember when Trevor was a baby Kevin was watching him and when I got back Kevin was rocking him and playing the harmonica to him. See, he is the best!
Trevor had to make a Valentines box for school and wanted to make a Lego, so Kevin helped him. Then Bodie wanted to make a toilet for his Valentine box so they went to KFC to get a round box the to Home Depot to get a flusher and paint. The toilet turned out really cool, you have to flush it to drop your valentine in. Thanks Kevin! After spending the whole day on Valentine boxes Bodie informed us that he already made one at school and didn't need one he just wanted Kevin to make it for fun. Well Kevin, was it fun?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Birthday

Today is my birthday.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 things about me

This is my business card picture. It's a couple of years old but I don't think I have changed much. I did this list for Facebook but I thought I would copy it here for those non facebook kind of people.

1. I hate our junk drawer but where else are we going to put our junk?
2. I don’t like to host parties. I get way stressed. But I like to go to parties.
3. I have never been good at laundry. I usually have a mountain of clean clothes somewhere.
4. I used to be very shy, but somehow I got over that and now I talk to everyone I see.
5. I have a tattoo. Oops.
6. I watch a lot of reality TV, but my favorite show is probably NCIS.
7. I like to read but I don’t very often because if I do my kids and my house get neglected.
8. My eternal church calling is Gospel Doctrine Teacher. I do it in every ward. I kind of like it though.
9. I’m kind of a girly girl so I don’t know how I ended up with all of these boys.
10. I’m not very compassionate. I don’t really react to situations so I don’t understand when people do.
11. I don’t get army stuff but I try really hard because they support my family.
12. I love my best buddy Koda. I don’t know what I will do when he starts school, Clayton won’t let me have any more babies.
13. I am addicted to a game on my cell phone called Jewel Quest Solitaire. It comes in handy in waiting rooms.
14. I can’t just watch TV I have to be doing something while I watch.
15. I love my house even though it’s nothing fancy.
16. I have the perfect job. I sell houses from a model home but I am only there 2 days a week… see perfect.
17. My husband is very handsome, but he doesn’t think he is…he is a really great guy.
18. I am an army wife but I hate that show. Clayton is gone right now for three weeks. He is gone a lot but the longest was Iraq for 16 months.
19. I like when Clayton is out of town for the first couple of days because I don’t clean or make dinner but then I start to really miss him.
20. I married an Elder from my mission. I love you Elder Miller. I know what you are thinking but we weren’t really even friends until we came home.
21. I love to take baths. I take probably 4 a week. All Clayton can think of to give me for Christmas is bubble bath and body wash. That’s OK I like it, but I usually get a year supply every December.
22. I have 3 sisters and one brother, and 3 sons. I would rather be with family than anyone.
23. I love my mini-van. I always told myself I would never drive one but I like it.
24. I wore braces on my teeth when I was young but I could probably use them again.
25. I didn’t like writing this list. I don’t like doing this kind of stuff. I HATE scrapbooking. My kids are already a little disappointed that they don’t have scrap books.